You are Your Brand: What My First Testimonial Taught Me

Testimonies are an important part of marketing; they are short stories that relate to the customer and endorse the product’s value. They get the audience saying “me too, if they can do it, I can do it.” This can flip the switch for someone. You are your brand and practice makes perfect, so practice your testimony at least once a day!

Practice Makes Perfect

At a corporate training event last month in West Palm Beach we were going over testimonies. They asked a few of us to get up and give our 30-second statement.

I don’t know about you, but public speaking is not my favorite thing to do. I’d say I’m like most people; it doesn’t terrify me but it makes me a little nervous so I am never one to volunteer myself to the front of the room. My boyfriend on the other hand has some weird fascination with taking control of a room, so I look to him to do most of the public speaking. Therefore, I usually get away with it. Muahahaha!

Participation is Key

As soon as the trainer asked for volunteers my dad turned to me…um no. What was he thinking? I had only been in the business for 2 weeks, and there were plenty of other people there to sacrifice themselves. I naturally refused. But then I got to thinking… sure, there are a 100 other people in the room, but how many of them will really be successful? What separates the winners from the people who say, “I tried and it didn’t work?” Participation! That’s it. Doing what needs to be done. Taking ACTION. Then and there I decided I wasn’t going to let my thinking get in the way again. I wrote down a goal: give my testimony at the next event.

Stick to Your Goals

Flash-forward a week and the event arrives. My dad gives me the heads up at morning breakfast that I am going to give my testimony at the corporate presentation. I thought to myself, what? Why me? Aren’t there going to be a ton of other people there that have had more success, are much more qualified and willing to give a testimony? Then I thought to myself, dammit Morgan you wrote that stupid goal down and you can’t give up that easily. So I agreed.

You Will Survive!

I was nervous. I did it anyway. I’m still alive. You never know who resonated with my story that night, hopefully it was a lost college student like me, and maybe it was no one. Either way, I did it and that is all I can control, and I can only get better from here! Just take action.

Practice makes perfect, and action creates results. Write down your goals and make yourself stay true to them. These small steps will compound and create a wave of success that you never dreamed possible.

Wishing you all the success you will allow yourself to have!


Here is my first testimony, compliments of my proud father…I was 30 seconds over the allotted time, I nervously played with my hair, and my voice cracked..but hey, I’m still alive to share it! They way I see it, it can only get better from here.


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