Ya Gotta Believe 2

On stage at Margaritaville

On stage at Margaritaville

Belief in the product or service you are providing is very important, and you will have a hard time influencing anyone to follow you if you do not believe. Sure, you may think you believe in what you are selling, but if you are not actively participating or buying then you are subconsciously telling yourself that you do not believe. Therefore, being an active participant or customer is important. As you continue using the product or service you will feel its value or lack there of. If you feel your product is lacking value, you will not believe you are bringing value or added benefit to your consumers’ lives and consequently you will not perform to your full potential. A true rock solid belief will radiate out of your butt like sunbeams, as I experienced first hand this weekend.


Hanging out at the pool party

You may know we are in the travel business. I am new to the game, and I took my first trip with my company this weekend. For the past month I have been telling my friends how much fun the trips are, and more importantly how much MORE fun you can have by traveling with my company. I believed this, but had yet to experience it for myself, and therefore my belief was a little weak.

And Then It Hit Me..


Hanging out with my mentors by the pool

On the last day of our trip we had a company pool party at the resort. We were equipped with a private bar, free food, and a DJ. More importantly, my mentors were surrounding me, enabling me to learn and play all at the same time. Towards the end of the day I wandered over to the other resort pools to use the restroom. As I was walking through I realized how bored all the other people looked. They were spread out throughout the pool, most of them by themselves and all of them just laying there…all I could think was wow, this is exactly what I have been talking about for the last month. They were all on vacation, surely having a decent time, but we really were having more fun!


Working or playing? Most of the time it is hard to tell…

We had access to everything they did (resort pools, private rooms, peace and quite) but they didn’t have anywhere near the access to everything we had. It was then and there that I realized how important it is to experience your product first hand. My belief is now ten times stronger, and I know it will make all the difference.

Wishing you all the success you will allow yourself to have!


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