When Your Best Friend Says “No”

Hello blogosphere! I am sitting here in Starubucks, waiting for my next meeting, scrolling through twitter, and coming across a lot of inspirational quotes on failure. They all got me thinking, why do so many people quit their MLM and tell aspiring young adults that those pyramid schemes don’t work? It has a lot to do with failure. You have to fail A LOT in order to succeed. Especially in this arena and the average person cannot overcome it.

Dealing With Failure

The problem is the kind of failure you have to endure. I’m not talking about epic failures in which you crash and burn and then pull yourself up out of the ashes, like a dramatic Denzel Washaccept failure as part of the processington scene. I’m talking about subtle failures. The best friend that is not going to join you, the parent who told you it was a pyramid scheme, the acquaintance that didn’t even text you back (NO, that’s all I need! A simple TWO LETTER text, that’s it! Is it that hard!?). These are the small failures that build up, and if not dealt with properly, can really get your spirits down..to the point of true failure (or “quitting” as some people call it).

I have learned that these subtle disappointments can actually be harder to overcome than dramatic, epic, failures. Think about it, when you fail dramatically it hurts a lot. You are forced to feel it, and therefore forced to overcome it. Little failures on the other hand are easy to ignore, but if we ignore them we can’t overcome them, and the only way to overcome the disappointment of failure is to feel through it. Feeling through your emotions is the only true way to move on.

Dealing with Emotions

When starting a small business you will hear that you should not get emotionally attached to any outcome. I’m calling bullshit. It sucks when your best friend tells you they are going to join and then don’t. That’s rough. How are you not supposed to get emotionally attached? Especially when it is something you so strongly believe in? The difference is how you handle those emotions, this seperates the winners from the quitters.

How are you supposed to overcome it? Feel through it. Experience the emotion. Then, let it go. You can’t skip the first step though. If you skip the first step then you are not truly letting it go, and it will come back to subtly haunt you. Don’t let that happen. Recognize the disappointment as it is happening, feel it, and allow it to make you better.

Brush yourself off and get back up

Successful people take action in spite of their emotions. They are only emotions and if you let them run you, then you will never, ever, succeed in life. FEEL THEM!

Wishing you all the success you will allow yourself to have!


P.S. I have personally showed the business to 78 people, 71 of them said no…but I kept going anyway. All 71 of them are “in the pipeline,” and 7 of them are on my team! Out of just 7 we have seen growth and duplication..there is nothing more exciting than watching your team grow! I keep swinging the bat, and eventually people start to say yes. It took my dad 6 months to enroll his first person, but look at him now! Just don’t give up, you never know what’s around the corner.

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