What Makes You So Special?

ANYTHING worth achieving is hard, so hard that you are going to seriously contemplate everything you really want to achieve. Here is the difference between people who live amazing lives full of joy and accomplishment, dying with true fulfillment, and people who just settle their way through life. This negotiation. The little voice inside your head that says you are different.

“You have the responsibility to become all you are capable of becoming in this journey called life or I see no valid intellectual or spiritual reason for existence”

-George Zalucki

This is just your ego talking. It’s telling you that you aren’t good enough, you aren’t well connected enough, you aren’t smart enough. You just aren’t enough and you are not worthy.

But why not? What makes you so special?

“People get out of bed one of two ways. You need to decide which one you are. You are either inspired or not inspired. Pick one! Because if you don’t shape you world with passion, this world will hardly notice you were here”

-George Zalucki

The only difference between success and failure is action. The consistent action required to make a dent in any goal worth achieving is grueling at times. You are no different from anyone else who has achieved greatness, but greatness can not be achieved without consistent effort.

Why is it that we all feel we are special enough to not be able to make our own business, relationships, or life work? Consistent and constant effort along with an acceptance of delayed gratification is a proven pathway to success.

When we put all of our effort in to something, work really hard, and see nothing, we start to panic. All of a sudden we are different. We are separate, we are wrong, we aren’t worthy. The ego comes in and tells you it’s not going to work.

We are all born with special talents and abilities, and each of us is here for a very specific purpose. None of us are so special that we don’t deserve a life of fulfillment, so stop making excuses for yourself. You are no different.

Wishing you all the success you will allow yourselves to have!


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