What Business Success and Weight Loss Have In Common

Have you ever experienced a good motivational seminar, through your company or on your own? If you have, then you know how exhilarating they are. You leave feeling on top of the world and ready to dominate your life in every way, shape, and form… and then Monday comes.

Suddenly all the life changing thoughts and ideas you had come crashing down before your first cup of coffee. You don’t realize it, but you slowly go back to your old habits and thought patterns. WHY!? On Saturday you were fired up and ready to take on a rhino. Now it’s raining and you can barely get out of bed.

Human motivation. You can’t put a band-aid over an open wound.

Life is all about the compound effect. We are constantly, but very slowly, moving towards success or failure. Change happens on such a small level that you don’t even notice.

The Water Always Beats the Rock

Have you ever lost 10 pounds? How did it begin? You started with a decision to loose the weight. Then you made small, healthy, choices for a period of time. Nothing was happening, but you kept going anyway.

If you’re like me you woke up one day, and decided to try on that old pair of jeans. Wait, what? They fit!? You think, WOAH, I’m hoppin on the scale, and BOOM you’re 10 lbs lighter and you didn’t even know it. In that moment it seems like it happened over night. But it didn’t.

Little ChoicesWhat happened? The compound effect. You made small, simple decisions everyday. Each choice was so small that you didn’t even see how it affected you, and it took a whole gigantic group of them to make a difference.

What else happened? You stayed strong and made small decisions with huge ambition. You watched your skinny little brother eat 5 cookies and wonder WHY GOD CURSED YOU. You watched your husband scarf down a cheeseburger, and you sat patiently at the bar while your friends enjoyed their 5th cocktail. It could have been really easy to join them, but as you began to make good decisions it got easier and easier to stay strong. These good choices slowly became habits.

The same goes for ANYTHING in life. If you want something worth having then you are going to have to work for it. You’re going to have to make a lot of seemingly unimportant decisions to do the right thing. You may want to stay in bed an extra ten minutes and skip your morning read. Don’t do it. Why would you? If you really knew how important that 10 minutes could be, then you would be all too eager to get out of bed and do something with it.

The huge motivational seminar will only work if you do. Going was the first step; now don’t cheat yourself by not taking the small action steps necessary in order to succeed.

 Wishing you all the success you will allow yourself to have!


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