Take Action Anyway

I’m sure you’ve heard the key to success is consistency. The problem is, our feelings are usually not very consistent and that makes it hard to keep your actions in line. This is the difference between reaching the lifestyle you want and staying where you are in life.

Today I did not feel like writing this blog. I didn’t have any inspiration and just to write a couple of words felt like pulling teeth. But I’m acting anyway. I carved out the time in my day to sit down and write, with or without inspiration.


It’s funny, as you go along you find inspiration. It’s like the goose and the egg.

Which one comes first?

Many people believe they have to wait for the inspiration or the moment to feel right to produce. Well, I’m tellin ya if you’re going to sit around and wait all day until you feel like working or going to the gym then you have the wrong mindset. These inconsistent actions will compound slowly and negatively affect your life. This could be a scary thing in three years.

On the other hand, if you decide to take action (even if the moment doesn’t feel right) then the inspiration will follow. It is the action that comes first, not the inspiration. Continue to take these actions, day by day, and three years from now you will be in a much different place.

Call To Action

Whenever you don’t feel like taking action imagine the feeling you will have after you do. Even the smallest step towards the life you want will make you feel accomplished. Make sure you appreciate this feeling of accomplishment. Sometimes it is easy to get so caught up on reaching and growing that you forget to be thankful for the small steps. Take the small action, and be proud of the small step. Envision this feeling, take the action, and slowly these actions become habits.

So I am glad I made myself sit down and write this blog. Not to mention it’s a beautiful sunny day here in Florida!  Now I can feel accomplished and truly appreciate it!

Wishing you all the success you will allow yourselves to have!


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