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Duplication is the key to creating long-term residual income, which is in my opinion, the best kind of income! With duplication, you are NOT the issue when it comes to getting paid because you are paid from the efforts of many. Without duplication, YOU ARE THE ISSUE. With duplication, you continue to earn, even when you are playing. Without duplication, you must keep working in order to earn.

I believe the number one reason people join any network marketing company is to create duplication.

It was April, 1994 and I was looking forward to taking the entire month off. The decision had been made- no phone calls, no meeting, no conference calls, no training and no prospecting. I was 27 years old, and had moved to Florida a few years earlier. My wife Nancy and I had a beautiful little girl, Morgan who was turning three years old in just a few days.  Nancy was also celebrating a birthday that month. These two special days, Easter, The Masters Golf Tournament, and the perfect weather, always makes April my favorite month.

The Ability to Take A Month Off, and Get A Raise

This particular April was extra special.  In addition to Nancy and Morgan’s birthdays, I had a trip to South America scheduled, family coming in town for Easter, two member-guest golf tournaments to play in, and of course four (4) days of uninterrupted time to watch the Masters. Work, you say? Heck no! There was no time to work; I was ready to play ALL month long. You see, I had built a passive residual income and was at a point where my income did not depend on my efforts, but rather was based off the efforts of thousands of people. I was making more money than I ever dreamed possible, and I WAS NOT THE ISSUE! Imagine that! Imagine earning as much money as you desire and knowing that money will be there each month- with or without YOU!

Passive income is all possible because of the power of duplication, or geometric progression. It’s the difference in trading time for money, and being leveraged. You see, if you enroll just 3 people to sell a product or service, and they each enroll 3 people, you now have 9 people selling your product or service. If those 9 people enroll just 3 people, you now have 27 people you are getting paid on. If those 27 enroll just 3, well, you get the picture, right?network

The question is; how do you create duplication? It is NOT about selling. There is a big difference in selling and creating duplication. Selling makes you a living (assuming you keep doing it), duplication makes you a fortune, (even when you are NOT doing it). Creating duplication is an art.

5 ways to create duplication

  1. Stay focused on one very simple message; make the main thing, the main thing. Don’t confuse the message. Repeating a few very simple steps over and over is the key. Remember, if the masses can’t do it, it won’t duplicate. In my company, we have a simple 1-2-3 plan that our brand partners follow. It is fun, simple and DUPLICABLE!
  2. Tell, Show, Try,  Do: The best way to train a new team member is to first TELL them what to do, then SHOW them how to do it, and finally, have them DO it. Move on as soon as they are plugged into your simple system and support them from that point on. Make them independent as soon as possible.
  3. Be the example; new team members will have a tendency to do what you do rather than what you say. Ask yourself, is what I’m doing right now duplicable or not. Stay focused on the things that are duplicable.
  4. Build relationships; the stronger the relationship is between you and your new team member, the better chance you have of that new member “hanging around the flagpole” long enough for success. Always focus on investing in people and getting to know them better. It is easy for someone to quit a boss; it is harder for them to quit a friend.
  5. Inoculate your new team members immediately; there is a great audio I recommend for any new team member called, Making The Shift, by Darren Hardy. This audio gets the new person in the right mindset, tells them of landmines to avoid, and shows them immediate actions to get off to a fast start.

Again, duplication is the name of the game. If you are not creating duplication, you are in direct sales, not network marketing. Stay focused on the daily activities that create and sustain duplication.

And by the way, that April in 1994, when I took the entire month off.. not only did my income continue to come in, but it INCREASED by $1500.00 as my team grew without me! Not many jobs would have offered a pay raise and a month off all at the same time…

My hope and desire is that you will someday realize all the amazing benefits that come with a passive residual income and are able to take your entire favorite month off one day.

Wishing you all the success you will allow yourself to have!


P.S. My beautiful daughter, Morgan, celebrated her 22 birthday yesterday. As I reflect back to 1994, it seems like yesterday. Happy Birthday sweetheart, I love you and I’m so very proud of you!

Morgan and me in Harry Potter World


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