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One of the biggest problems facing us today is the intense desire we all have to create ‘Followers.’ With the popularity of social media growing daily, it seems to be a race to employ as many of these outlets as possible to cast a bigger net and attract as many people as possible to what we are doing. Let’s be honest, we all spend a little time watching how many Friends, Fans and Followers we have, right? I know I recently set up my own Fan Page when I started this blog. I have 694 Fans as of the writing of this post. But who’s counting?

Developing Other Leaders

One of John Maxwell’s most famous quotes is, “all leadership is influence.” I’m a big John Maxwell fan, and I even had the opportunity to hear him speak recently. But, I’m not sure I completely agree with this quote. Yes, leadership is part influence. But, the question is, what are you influencing people to do? If you are influencing someone to do something that is not beneficial to THEIR long term vision, is that leadership or simply influence?

 “True leaders don’t develop followers, they create other leaders.”

So, how many leaders are YOU creating? There is so much information and training on how to develop more leads, are you taking those leads and developing leadership?

3 Quick and Easy Ways to Develop More Leadership in Your Team:

  1. Create trust; George Zalucki said, “All we really have is our word.” When you say you are going to do something, do it. Trust must be developed before you can develop leaders.
  2. Make others the issue; if you want to create leaders, take the focus off yourself and place it on others. People want and need edification. It doesn’t matter how much YOU know or what YOU can do, it’s what you can teach the other person that matters most.
  3. Teach others the importance of personal development; every great leader I’ve ever know had a passion for personal development. It is difficult to inspire people to be more than you have become.

People join network marketing to create financial independence. The dream is passive, residual income. In order to do that, you must develop into a leader.

So, keep increasing your Friends, Fans, and Followers, but take the time to develop those that are putting their trust in you.

Wishing you all the success you will allow yourself to have!


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