Power of a Legacy Company

worldventures-marketingllcIn August of 2013 my business partners and I decided to do something that has been extremely rare in the network marketing industry. We took a company that we created, owned, and built for four years, and merged it with the next Legacy Company our great industry will know. Our decision to join Worldventures has proved to be a very wise decision for everyone on our team.


What is a Legacy Company?

Legacy Companies have created a brand, product, and culture that have and will continue to thrive decade after decade. They will be here long after we are gone, as they constantly evolve and adapt to different landscapes and  achieve the elusive billion dollar annual sales mark all companies reach for. Companies such as Apple, Microsoft, and Google come to mind when you think of traditional business, and within the network marketing industry, we think of Herbalife, Amway, Mary Kay and Avon.


Why Worldventures?

These are the 5 reasons I believe WorldVentures is the next Legacy Company and why we joined them.


  • Owners: The owners are the ones making the day to day decisions and shaping the company’s future. When looking at a Network Marketing company it is very important to follow an owner who is a representative first, owner second. Wayne Nugent, Mike Azcue, and Dan Stammen are all very successful networkers that know what it takes to build a team and a company. They understand what the representatives go through on a daily basis, the psychology behind our business, and more importantly see the vision stronger than anyone else.


  • Product: The saying is simple. If you want to dine with the classes, you must appeal to the masses. The product must have mass appeal, never leaving out any demographics. The travel industry is the largest industry in the world and is an inherent yes product. You never have to convince a child they want to go to Disney World, they just want to go and experience more. We have what everyone wants, and we have it for less.


  • Training System: In order to grow a very large team, create leverage, and get paid on the beach, you MUST have duplication. I can not stress this enough. And in order to have massive duplication you must have a very simple training system that anyone can plug in to. WorldVentures has one of the best trainers I have ever seen in the industry as their Director of Training, Marc Accetta. He has put a massive, simple, duplicatable training system that works from M alaysia to Tampa.


  • Culture: Culture is simply an intangible feeling that comes with being a part of a true movement. When you have strong leaders for owners, a strong training system, and a product that allows people to travel and experience new things together, you have a recipe for an unbelievably strong culture. You know when you go on vacation with a group of your friends and you all come back with an even greater bond? That is the culture we have, and I know that could never be duplicated.


  • Field Leadership: These are the representative leaders in the company that have grown large teams and have become successful leaders within the organization. The leaders at WorldVentures are humble, full of integrity, and are always willing to help. The ego has been checked at the door and a “one team, one dream” mentality has become the heartbeat. All of the leaders understand what is good for the company is good for them. This is a must to create the kind of company I am speaking of.  I am more than honored to work alongside each and every one of them.

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