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Starting, and building, a successful business is a very difficult task. In fact, at times it can seem almost impossible. Therefore, successful entrepreneurs must understand delayed gratification early in the game. I worked my butt off for the first six months with absolutely ZERO results. I was paying the price so to speak.

Paying The Price

Paying the price is a term we hear a lot. “He has really paid the price,” or “he is unwilling to pay the price.” What people don’t understand is; we are all “paying the price.” Yes, you, me and everyone else is “paying the price” every day.

We are either paying the price for success, or we are paying the price for failure. Either way, we are paying!

Here are a few of the ways we might “pay the price” for success:

  1. Hard work and sacrifice
  2. Getting out of our comfort zone
  3. Taking the time to learn new things
  4. Accepting and embracing the concept of delayed gratification

All of these “prices” may sound like hard work to you, however, I suggest holding these concepts in your mind differently. Look at these things as the price you must pay for success. Success is not possible without your willingness to include these concepts into your reality. They are sacrifices you have to make to reach your goal, so why not embrace them? Enjoy them, get excited about them! They will allow you to enjoy success!

If not, then you will pay another price; the price of failure.

Here are just a few of the ways we pay for failure:

  1. Not living the life you and your family deserve
  2. Not being able to become all you can be- Not being the best YOU!
  3. Not making the kind of positive impact on others that you should
  4. Having to say NO to the things you want to do rather than saying YES!

Live Life To The Fullest

Now that you understand you are paying either way, which price are you going to choose to pay each day? One that will allow you to live an incredible life, or one that will force you to justify why you are not living life to its fullest?delayed gratification

There were times in my life when I was unable to do what I wanted. I was not able to give my family the things they wanted and needed. I promise, that price is far more difficult to pay than the small price you must pay for success. It is not all about money either; it is simply about living your best life.

“I strive to have all the things money can’t buy, and as much of the things money can buy.” Zig Ziglar

I challenge you to start paying the price for success, rather than paying the price for failure. Because either way, you will have to pay!

Wishing you all the success you allow yourself to have.


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