Meet Jake

Bio PicIt’s easy to look at a top leader in network marketing and feel like you can’t relate to them. Their success seems to have happened overnight and in record time but it doesn’t always work that way. Meet Jake Kevorkian. Chances are he started out just like you. A young, eager, recent college graduate who quickly realized there had to be a better way to simply make money and control his time. What you may not know is Jake’s first attempt in network marketing was not an overnight success. It wasn’t until a couple of seasoned mentors took him under their wing and taught Jake the basic principles and skills of building a network marketing business. Skills he still uses to this day.

Today, Jake is looking to return that favor. He wants to help you understand the principles and basic skills you can apply to have success in your business. And when you read his story, you will understand why he is so passionate about his team and can’t wait to help anyone willing to go to work and truly master the art of living.


Read Jake’s journey  . . .  

Jake Kevorkian was born in Tampa, Fl, raised in Texas, and brought up with love and support. His father spent his entire life in sales, and his mother was a stay at home mom. As a young boy he knew he wanted to succeed and be ‘rich’ one day, although he had no idea how he would accomplish his dream. A chance meeting in 1983, at the age of 17, with industry icon Larry Thompson and the late Mark Hughes of Herbalife, proved to have a major influence on his life. The two opened his eyes to the potential of the network marketing industry.


After high school, Jake attended South West Texas State University in San Marcos and was a member of the Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity. At the age of 21 he quit his first, and only, job selling newspaper subscriptions for the Austin American Statesman. It was when he witnessed average people making above average incomes that he decided to dedicate his life to the network marketing industry. Jake quickly realized he had found a business where a strong desire, a willingness to work, and an openness to learn would allow you to succeed.


However, success in the business did not come quickly. His two close friends and mentors, Wayne Holbrook and George Zalucki, helped him see and believe that he could one day be successful. So he never gave up.  The two took him under their wing and taught him the skill-sets that were necessary to make his dream a reality. Finally, after six months of hard work, he enrolled his first representative.

After spending three and a half years with his first network marketing company, NSA, Jake had the opportunity to join VAXA International, a small start-up nutritional company. Jake went on to become the #1 income earner, only to have his distributorship terminated without cause.


After a long battle in court he won a large settlement from VAXA for the wrongful termination. Through a series of unethical maneuvers by VAXA management, a trusty was appointed to run the day-to-day operations and develop a plan to have creditors made whole.  It was at that time Jake and a financial backer proposed their own plan for reorganization. It included a guarantee to pay back all creditors 100%, a figure that exceeded $2M dollars. After the court accepted their plan, Jake ran VAXA as owner and president until 2007, when he sold his equity to his partner to pursue other ventures.


Jake quickly realized he wasn’t ready to retire at the young age of 41, so he began searching for new opportunities with his good friends Chris Kent and Ian Cordell. What’s more fun that building a business with great friends, right? In 2009 the three entrepreneurs started Numis Network, a network marketing company offering the highest quality silver and gold. Numis has earned the attention of many and realized massive success.


Jake loved working in the field alongside his partner Chris. It was through these experiences that they realized what made their team members so excited, what drove them to work their hardest, and what they were really passionate about, TRAVEL.


Travel really resonated with Jake. He saw how it helped create lasting memories and was truly the one product you can buy that actually makes you richer. So he decided to reach out to his long time friend and industry legend who is in the travel business, Dan Stammen. Through this process he and his partners realized they could not miss out on the opportunity to work in the largest industry in the world. After much consideration they decided to make the best move for their team and merged their 4-year old company with what Jake describes as the industry’s next legacy company, WorldVentures.


Today, Jake travels the world sharing how to build a successful business in World Ventures. Most of all he has enjoyed helping his daughter get started in her first venture in network marketing and working alongside her and her team.


Jake lives in Clearwater, Fl with his beautiful wife, Nancy, and two amazing children, daughter, Morgan and son, Jake IV. In his spare time. Jake enjoys traveling and playing as much golf as possible.