Listen and Believe

Have you ever heard, “I don’t like to sell,” or “I’m not a good salesperson?” I once was talking to a prospect that insisted they were not good at selling. After recognizing this individual’s passion for the belief that he could not sell, I asked him to tell me more about it. I wanted to know why he thought he could not sell. He literally went on a 5-minute tear communicating quite eloquently all the reasons he could not sell. When he was done I simply said, “You have convinced me you can not sell. In fact, I’m so convinced, that it might make you the greatest salesperson I’ve ever met.”

It Comes Down to Belief

Let’s be very clear, we all sell every day. We sell our kids on doing better and being responsible, we sell our spouses on things we want, we sell our boss on the fact that we did a better than normal job on a particular project. The point is we sell on a regular basis.

When two people interact, each person is trying to influence or “sell” the other person on their particular point of view. Both individuals are trying to influence each other but the one with the strongest belief will have the greatest advantage. Imagine trying to influence someone to do something you do not believe in yourself? You have no chance!

…and Listening

Recently I read a blog post from a particular, very successful, network marketer on the ability to influence and persuade. He points to listening as one of the most critical aspects of influence.

This is how your prospect feels when you don’t listen..

In addition to having belief in what it is you are selling, you must also listen intently to the other individual’s needs and objections. Have you ever talked to someone who doesn’t listen to what you are saying? Have you ever had a person start talking back to you before you even completed a thought?  How does it make you feel? Think about it, if you feel like someone is not listening to you, and therefore must not have any interest in what you think, is it likely you would ever buy anything form them?

Listening can be hard to do, especially when you are excited and passionate about what you are talking about, but try to be present. Let the other person speak their mind, be patient while you listen intently. When they are done you will know exactly what you need to say in order to get them thinking with you, instead of against you.

Take Action

So, next time you are interacting with another individual who does not believe the same way you do, pay attention and LISTEN! It just might help you persuade, or “sell” better than you thought you could.

Wishing you all the success you will allow yourself to have!


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