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How many times have you heard the phrase “just over broke” when overzealous network marketing reps talk about “jobs?” For some reason, once the spark of passive income and financial independence is ignited, anyone with a job or working for someone else suddenly becomes a lost soul with no hope of ever realizing financial independence. This is nonsense! This is NOT the best attitude to have around hard working employee friends.  Is it any wonder so many traditional folks think their friends have been sucked into some crazy cult just because they joined a network marketing company? Why do so many people lose their sense of reality when discovering this great industry?

I made this mistake as a rookie. I remember my father reprimanding me early in my career for my negative attitude toward jobs. He said many jobs provide an incredible living for people that have no desire to be self-employed.  But I had just discovered the greatest plan in the history of the world! I thought anyone not working for themselves, or pursuing their own dream, was an idiot. Ironically, over the years I have seen many full time network marketing pros earn many times more than my father ever did, and end up bankrupt due to poor decisions. Meanwhile, when my dad passed, he left my mother 100% debt free and financially independent. The ole’ J.O.B. didn’t seem so bad in his case. To each his own.

Yes, it’s true building your own dream and pursuing an opportunity to create passive income makes sense, and it is the plan I choose for myself. However, there are many great benefits of a job too. Not to mention, if everyone was an entrepreneur how would we function?  What business could exist without employees? Jobs serve a purpose and there are many great jobs out there offering a great standard of living.

If you are one of the 98% working this business part-time, and you currently have a job, be thankful. This is one of the toughest economies we have seen in decades. Not only should you be thankful, but you should respect your job and the responsibilities it entails. Do your best, and don’t let your passion for your newfound opportunity take away from your responsibility of your occupation. The income your job provides is the seed money allowing you to build YOUR dream.

Network marketing is an incredible vehicle to break the time-for-money trap and create financial independence. But remember, the best way to start building your dream is with the steady income a job can provide. So, the next time you hear an overzealous network marketing rep bashing a job and encouraging you to quit yours- run! They don’t have your best interest in mind, and with that attitude they may find themselves JUST OVER BROKE one day soon!

Wishing you all the success you will allow yourself to have!


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