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In sales, especially direct sales, you get paid for talking to people. Period. You don’t get paid for selling product. You don’t get paid for recruiting new members to your team. You get paid for talking to people!


There is a concept called SINALO. It means Safety In Numbers And Law Of Averages (its a very important model and it will be discussed in future blogs). The idea is this: if you are talking to enough people each and every day, you are creating a “safety zone” for your business. There is safety in numbers, and talking to people is all that matters!

There are simple tricks to help you get started. Many people practice the 3-foot rule, which means engaging in conversation with anyone within 3 feet of themselves. It’s a little old school, but it works, and adds a sense of tangibility to the process. If you prefer a new school approach, try sending a new FB message to at least one new person a day (my good friends Michelle Pescosolido and Jessica Higdon have awesome FB trainings: check them out for more tips!). But no matter how you do it, just do it!

Changing Your Math Changes EverythingDivisionPicture

The biggest mistake people make is dividing the commission they earn for a sale by one. Top NSA distributor and 75 million dollar earner, Jeff Roberti, taught me years ago not to divide my commissions by one, but rather, by the number of people I talk to. Don’t divide your commission by one, divide your commission by the number of people you engaged in order to make that particular sale or recruit. For example, in my company, our reps earn $100 for each new member that joins their team and purchases the initial product mix (Fast Track Collector’s Kit). If you had to talk to 10 people to enroll one new member, don’t look it as earning $100 from enrolling that new member, look at is a earning $10 for each person you talked to.

With this new perspective, it makes it easy to deal with nasty, negative people.

Next time someone says no to your business, you can simply say:

“that’s ok; I got your ten dollars anyway

Wishing you all the success you will allow yourself to have!


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