How Pure Do You Want Your Silver? 4961

If I offered you FREE silver, how pure would you want it to be? Ironically, my company, Numis, actually does give away FREE silver every single day. But for the purpose of this   blog, I am going to use it as a metaphor. It’s obviously a silly question, right? If I were going to offer you pure silver, you would want it to be it to be 100% pure, right?

You Are What You Focus On Day In and Day

puremindWell, how about our minds? How pure would you like your mind to be? Is our mind not more valuable than silver? Would you like it to be just 20% or 30% pure? Of course not! We would prefer our minds to be 100% pure.

 “Until you can conceive something as possible, it is impossible to achieve it.” -Zig Zigglar

You have most likely heard the phrase, ‘garbage in, garbage out.’ What we feed our mind is very important. Our thoughts have an incredible influence over our actions and we must guard them from as much ‘garbage’ as possible.

Take Action

I challenge you, for one week, to block out all media, television, and radio. Replace that 30 minutes of television a day with a good book (I suggest The Compound Effect by Darren Hardy), and that radio drive time with a good CD (I suggest George Zalucki’s Profile of A Champion). During this week be aware of the changes in your thoughts, and these changes in your thoughts will eventually begin to show in your actions, which will change your life.Pure_Goodness_Photo

Our reality is the sum total of ALL of our thoughts and actions to this point. Choose what you think about very carefully, and strive to keep your mind as pure as gold and silver!

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Wishing you all the success you will allow yourself to have!


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