Find Your Backspot

Meeting and connecting with people is just one of the many wonderful things about our business, and I’m so glad I got to experience it tonight. I had the pleasure of reconnecting with one of the girls I cheered with throughout elementary and middle school. She was my back spot, the one responsible for catching me when I was thrown in the air.

The Importance of Trust

Just a fun little trust practice to do…

Every single time I went up in the air I knew she was there to catch me if (and many times when) I fell. She held on to my ankles as tight as she could to give me the strength and backing I needed, I could literally feel her there. It was a quiet, reassuring, message of support that gave me the permission to be the best I could be. She took some heavy falls to constantly put my safety before her own, and when someone sacrifices for you like that it creates an intense trust. This trust allowed me to take more risks, and in turn I had the confidence I needed to be more daring. I always knew someone was there to catch me if I fell.

We went off to different high schools, and life took us separate ways, but I never had a back spot like her again. She was the best, and I didn’t realize how special and important that was, until tonight.

And we got it!

I was never was quite the same, something happened when I lost my back spot. I no longer had confidence that someone was there to catch me when I fell, and therefore the fear of falling became more real. I no longer took the risks I needed to really be great.

I take this is a metaphor for life. Trust is a building block to any successful business, no matter what you do. There has to be trust in all relationships, both personal and business related. If not, fear will become more real, and we all know fear based relationships are doomed for failure.

Dare Greatly

Fear, especially fear of failure (or falling) will cripple you. When I am fearful I automatically put up defenses to protect myself. These defense mechanisms prevent me from taking risks and daring greatly. When you stop daring you stop living.  Fear based lives are safe, but they are never great.

What is the point of existence if we don’t strive for greatness?

So find your back spot. This could be another person, and it is nice when it is, but it can also be your own self-love. If you trust your own perseverance, value, and ability, then you will no longer make decisions out of fear. You will be willing to venture out of your comfort zone because you know that even if you fail you have yourself to back you up.

How can you dare greatly today and take a risk towards living the life of your dreams?


Wishing you all the success you will allow yourselves to have!


Like I said, reconnecting with old friends is one of my favorite aspects t my business. Tonight I found out Evan (my old back spot) is on a pretty awesome pursuit of her own. Check out her inspirational blog, stirring up her triumphs, messes, and dreams- one bowl at a time here.

If you would like to learn how to travel and earn with my dad and I, reach out!

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