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One of my all time favorite Journey songs, Don’t Stop Believing, best describes what is takes to reach greatness in the Network Marketing industry.  Without belief it is impossible to have success, unless you are just blindly lucky. If you don’t want depend on luck to ensure your success, then you must have a strong BELIEF, and then you must NEVER STOP BELIEVING!

We have talked about belief in previous blogged posts: Attending your company’s major events and staying ‘plugged’ in to what is going on is the best way to develop and strengthen belief in your company. When two people engage in a conversation, the one with the strongest belief will always influence the other. You will notice that anyone with a great degree of success in any company has and unshakeable belief system in their company, products, and mission.

Seriously, Don’t Stop Believing..

So, belief in your company, product, and business potential is important. However, once you have the belief, you must never stop believing that it will happen for YOU!

If you have followed my post in the past then you may know that when I started my career it took me 6 months to enroll Don't Stop Believinmy very first rep. Oh, heck yes, I had belief in what I was doing. I had overwhelming evidence it was working for many other people, with no more skill sets and or talent than me. Along with my strong belief in my company and growth potential, I never stopped believe that success would happen for ME! Thank God I didn’t!

5 GREAT Benefits of Building a Big, Successful Network Marketing Business:

  1. Be your own boss: Perhaps the very best benefit of building a large, successful network marketing team is the fact that you can eventually quit your job and be your own boss. There is a great deal of pleasure reporting to work each and every day knowing you work for the greatest boss in the world: YOU!
  2. Time Freedom: Once you have built a large organization, you will enjoy the benefits of time freedom. That is, coming and going as you wish, spending your day doing what YOU want, getting up in the morning when you wake up, rather when an alarm clock goes off. A lot of people make a lot of money, but very few people have the time freedom to do as they wish.
  3. Residual income (mailbox money): The concept of making a sale once, and getting paid for that sale for the life of the customer is very exciting. It is the very mechanism that allows the time freedom we just spoke about. There have been entire months in my career when I have taken off and traveled, only to return home to an INCREASE in pay! Passive residual income is the best kind of income!
  4. Personal development: One of the aspects I have enjoyed the most is the constant exposure to personal development. Working on one’s self on a daily bases is very important. All great, successful networkers have made a great commitment to personal development. Any successful company will encourage and support a personal development program. Once you have built a large team, you will have more time to work on YOU. Jim Rohn said, “work harder on yourself than you do your business.”
  5. A chance to help others: One of the interesting aspects of network marketing is the fact you can’t be successful without helping others become successful. Unlike corporate America, where there is a tendency to hold people back, network marketing is all about lifting people up. There is nothing more gratifying than helping emotionsomeone become successful and reach their goals. There is a great deal of personal fulfillment in helping others. As you build a big team, you will have the chance to help many people.

So, I would encourage you, if you are just getting started, or have been at it a while and have not yet experienced success, Don’t Stop Believing!!! Keep going and you keep doing, it will happen for you. Remember, there are no losers in network marketing only quitters.

My hope for you is that you will one day experience ALL of the great benefits of having a large organization in our great industry!

Wishing you all the success you will allow yourself to have!


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