Don’t Be Selfish, Sharing is Caring


You have something to say.

Prospecting on the go is one of the easiest ways to incorporate your business into your everyday life. Think about how many times a day do you interact with other people… at the gas station, the gym, when you go out to eat, etc. Every time you come in to contact with another individual you have the opportunity to share what you are doing and invite them to an exposure of your business. This can be uncomfortable at first and usually involves a lot of self-judgment (what if I say something stupid/don’t say the right thing) or judgment of the other person (what if they think it is stupid/what if they don’t see the value or opportunity).  In order to grow your business you must feel this, move through it, and take action anyway.

Take Action

Today, at breakfast with my dad, we had the opportunity to invite our server to an exposure. I had some reservations on what to say. Would she even want to see it? What if she can’t do it? What if I say something wrong? The list of stupid questions goes on…so I took the opportunity to lean on my dad. He took the lead, and it went well. We left with her excited to see more, and I left with a lesson.

The Lesson

Don’t ever miss an opportunity to share what you are doing. You love what you do, you believe in what you do, and you know you have something with the potential to significantly change someone else’s life. Stop being selfish! Share what you have! Get over yourself. Get over your fear of being uncomfortable and invite people to see what you are about. It has the power to change their lives forever but if you don’t share it they will never know. I don’t think you want to live with that guilt…

So, next time you are questioning weather or not to share your business with your server, your hairdresser, or your neighbor think about what could be, and what will most definitely be if you stay quite. This could just be exactly what they are looking for in their life, their chance to live the life of their dreams. Don’t take it away from them because you are scared.

Quick Tip: Next time you are at breakfast with your family and you don’t know if you should share your business with your server, pull up this blog and read it. Got it? Good. Now I DARE you to share your business with your server!

Wishing you all the success you will allow yourself to have!


Follow up: our server came to a business presentation and left almost immediately! I kept moving forward and had the next two people tell me that my business was EXACTLY what they have been looking for in their lives…keep marching forward my friends!


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