Find Your Backspot

Meeting and connecting with people is just one of the many wonderful things about our business, and I’m so glad I got to experience it tonight. I had the pleasure of reconnecting with one of the girls I cheered with throughout elementary and middle school. She was my back spot, the one responsible for catching […]

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Growing Together

I am currently on a plane from a corporate training event in Dallas with my boyfriend and two best friends. Attending a life-changing weekend with the people you care about most is definitely “up there” in life experiences. Really, what could be more fulfilling? I’m writing this because I want to make sure I don’t […]

The Trap of Comfort

If you have any relationship with personal or spiritual development then you have probably been given fair warning about how unproductive you are in your comfort zone. As humans we are driven from the core by growth, change, and development. We are like bicycles, constantly moving, and if we stand still for too long we […]


The Comparison Game 1

Comparison is hard to avoid when it’s constantly at your fingertips. All you have to do is grab your phone [insert social media outlet] and you’re done for. Social media feeds into our human need for approval and belongingness while simultaneously making it very easy to compare ourselves to others. It gives us tangible results. I […]

New Adventures!

The only constant is change. Life is a steady ebb and flow, and it is up to you to keep up with the current. I have made a lot of exciting changes in my life these past six months, and I am excited to share them with you. Over the past four years I have […]

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What Business Success and Weight Loss Have In Common

Have you ever experienced a good motivational seminar, through your company or on your own? If you have, then you know how exhilarating they are. You leave feeling on top of the world and ready to dominate your life in every way, shape, and form… and then Monday comes. Suddenly all the life changing thoughts […]

When Your Best Friend Says “No”

Hello blogosphere! I am sitting here in Starubucks, waiting for my next meeting, scrolling through twitter, and coming across a lot of inspirational quotes on failure. They all got me thinking, why do so many people quit their MLM and tell aspiring young adults that those pyramid schemes don’t work? It has a lot to […]

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You are Your Brand: What My First Testimonial Taught Me

Testimonies are an important part of marketing; they are short stories that relate to the customer and endorse the product’s value. They get the audience saying “me too, if they can do it, I can do it.” This can flip the switch for someone. You are your brand and practice makes perfect, so practice your […]

Don’t Be Selfish, Sharing is Caring

Prospecting on the go is one of the easiest ways to incorporate your business into your everyday life. Think about how many times a day do you interact with other people… at the gas station, the gym, when you go out to eat, etc. Every time you come in to contact with another individual you […]

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Ya Gotta Believe 2

Belief in the product or service you are providing is very important, and you will have a hard time influencing anyone to follow you if you do not believe. Sure, you may think you believe in what you are selling, but if you are not actively participating or buying then you are subconsciously telling yourself […]