Power of a Legacy Company

In August of 2013 my business partners and I decided to do something that has been extremely rare in the network marketing industry. We took a company that we created, owned, and built for four years, and merged it with the next Legacy Company our great industry will know. Our decision to join Worldventures has […]


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You Will Never Know “The End”

Start with the end in mind, make a pro/con list, weigh your options, think it through.. Does this advice sound familiar? These phrases all hint to a knowledge of what will actually happen “in the end.” First of all, I don’t know where this magical and mysterious land of “end” is, I’m guessing it’s somewhere […]

What Makes You So Special?

ANYTHING worth achieving is hard, so hard that you are going to seriously contemplate everything you really want to achieve. Here is the difference between people who live amazing lives full of joy and accomplishment, dying with true fulfillment, and people who just settle their way through life. This negotiation. The little voice inside your […]

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Excersise Your Freedom

Today my heart is full of gratitude for the men and women who serve and have served our country. They risk their lives protecting our freedom and allowing us to pursue a life of happiness. We have been given the greatest gift in the world, and it is our responsibility to live up to our […]

Take Action Anyway

I’m sure you’ve heard the key to success is consistency. The problem is, our feelings are usually not very consistent and that makes it hard to keep your actions in line. This is the difference between reaching the lifestyle you want and staying where you are in life. Today I did not feel like writing […]


The Beauty of Part Time

Network marketing is a wonderful part time activity that you can include in your everyday life. We meet people on a daily basis, we eat lunch together, we go to happy hour together, we get coffee together. These are things we are going to do ANYWAY. By simply incorporating your business into these activities you […]

Live Abundantly

Every morning I spend a few moments reading The Daily Love, writing in my gratitude journal, and focusing on my goals. This allows me to be brand new for the day and refocus my energy on things that are important in my life. Today I was inspired by something Mastin said in his Daily Dose […]

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Avoid Criticism

Dare To Be Great

The basic human need for belonging and acceptance motivates a considerable amount of human behavior. We need to be loved, and we sometimes believe that the only way to get this love is to be significant or important enough to get it. There is a problem though; being important or significant does not create love, […]

Follow The Leader

Driving is one of the best times to plug in to personal development, but sometimes I just want to listen to Katy Perry. Seems silly, but she can be pretty entertaining sometimes, and often I will find myself spending a week or so without a good audio in my car. Then I notice things just […]

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Culture, Traditions, and the Importance of Halloween 1

I love the holidays…just love em. ¬†Usually my spirits are pretty high, but the holiday season kinda takes them to a new level. Since today is Halloween, and in my eyes the first official day of the holiday season, I figured it was time to celebrate!     A Time to Come Together The season […]