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What does it take to become an elite champion in network marketing? A George Zalucki, a Jeff Roberti, or a Dan McCormick? It could be argued many different ways; raw talent, work ethic, perhaps timing. But what else separates them from the rest of the pack?

Recently I read an article in Golf Digest in which Dr. Bob Rotella, a pioneering sports psychologist, talked about a concept he called exceptionality. He explains that if you want to be like everyone else, you will be in the middle. If you want to separate yourself from the pack, then you have to be exceptional, and being exceptional means being unique! It means having a ‘white hot desire.’

A White Hot Desire


Ben Hogan was known for his impeccable work ethic

What creates that ‘white hot desire?’ Rotella features several well know golfers and digs in to their past circumstances that drove them to become exceptional. He talks about unique personality traits that supported this incredible ability to totally focus on the job at hand in order to ensure the success they were striving for.

For example, Ben Hogan lost his father to suicide at a very early age and lived in poverty most of his young life. Ben was a loner, choosing to keep his interactions with people very limited, and he was known to have practiced more than anyone.  The article suggested that his tough upbringing instilled a desire to want and have more. On the other hand, Jack Nicklaus was raised in the luxurious country club life. He too had an impeccable work ethic. Perhaps his upbringing and environment sparked a desire to never lose that lifestyle.

Find It Inside

The point is this; each of them had something that drove them to become exceptional. In addition, they had a willingness to put in as much time as needed to get the job done. Along the way, they had the ability to keep distractions out of their lives and stay focused on what it takes to achieve their goals.

The most interesting aspect of the article explained the huge sacrifices these athletes had to make, often at the expense of others. The question was then posed, are these individuals sacrificing what is assumed to be a richer and fuller life to their holy grail?  I like Rotella’s answer;

“A lot of people tell elite athletes they’re sacrificing this or that, but athletes don’t see it that way because they have a love affair with the thing they are doing.  If you try to stop them from what they are doing, they become very unhappy.”

The best part about network marketing is you make these sacrifices for a period of time, which will then allow you to spend unlimited time with the ones you love and care about.

Here is the million dollar question; what is it that will cause YOU to strive to become exceptional? What is it about your past that you can tap into to be your ultimate motivator? I believe we all have it inside us.

Becoming a million dollar earner in network marketing is a tough, long journey. Along the way, you will encounter lots of dead-ends. You will meet people who will tell you one thing and do just the opposite. You will fail many times, and you will see people come and go. So few of the millions that set out on this journey never get very far along.

My hope is that you will find the thing that will allow you to become exceptional. I hope you then couple that with the work ethic and focus to allow you to reach your full potential. And yes, maybe even become a million dollar earner in network marketing!

Wishing you all the success you will allow yourself to have!


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