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Building an organization in a network marketing business requires constant motivation to your team. You must remind them that we get paid to talk to people, not for recruiting, and that selling is important.

Challenge Them

Short term “challenges” are the most effective way to motivate your team. My good friend, George Zalucki, first introduced me to this idea. Later my business partner, Chris Kent, successfully implemented it in our company, Numis.

How It Works

For a set period of time, usually 21-50 days a schedule of activities is laid out. For each activity, a rep will accumulate points. The goal each day is to get a determined amount of points, usually 10. The points should be focused on things such as talking to a new prospect, having a new prospect view your presentation, following up with a prospect, retailing product, enrolling a new rep, having a prospect attend a live meeting, etc. Obviously points are weighted to the more productive activities. For example enrolling a new rep might count for 4 points and calling a prospect back might be only 1 point. Each day the reps will report points to the team leader via email. The team leader then posts the points each individual earns so that entire team can see. There should also be follow up conference calls within the team. This brings in the accountability, a vital aspect to the challenge.

Benefits of a challenge include:

  1. Helping reps stay on point with income producing activities on a daily basis
  2. Giving you an opportunity to fix and refine their activity
  3. Allowing you to give proper recognition to those gathering their points and getting results
  4. Holding reps accountable to each other (the team) and also accountable to you, the team leader

Organizing a challenge is simple. All you need to do is determine each activity, determine how much each activity will be worth, how long the challenge will run, and how often you will do team calls.

If you want to get more out of your organization, I challenge you to start a challenge with your team.

Wishing you all the success you will allow yourself to have!


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